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Enhancement detail

Our Enhancement Detail uses a mild abrasive polish to remove light surface scratches and swirls, while also restoring gloss and clarity to the finish of the paintwork. This service is ideal for vehicles which only require a small amount of correction to the paint i.e nearly new vehicles or vehicles with the paintwork in a very good condition.


Vehicles that require a greater level of correction are advised to go for one of our Correction Detail packages.


A breakdown of this enhancement detail service is listed below:

  • Pre-spray and rinse to remove all loose dirt
  • Wheels cleaned with a non acidic wheel cleaner
  • Vehicle snowfoamed and detailing brush used to get to hard to reach areas
  • Rinse followed by our 2-bucket safe wash
  • Vehicle dried using a combination of warm air and ultra soft drying towels
  • Claybar treatment to remove any bonded contaminants
  • Paint readings taken
  • Machine polish with a mild abrasive polish to remove light scratches and swirls
  • Vehicle re-washed to remove any polishing dust
  • Sealant applied to paintwork and wheels
  • Plastic dressed, exhaust tips polished and glass cleaned
  • Minor interior clean


This is a 2 day service. Prices start from £295.

Enhancement detail

Over the years most vehicles see lack of protection and incorrect wash techniques dull the finish of the paintwork. Our enhancement detail is a 2 day service that can improve the appearance of any vehicle.


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