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Protection detail

Our protection detail package can be used in a variety of ways. For instance some will choose to protect a newly purchased vehicle as soon as they get it, others use it as a seasonal protection, while for others it may be a one off service. This package can offer 6-8 months protection for wheels and paintwork and is ideal for vehicles that do not require any paintwork correction i.e removal of wash marring and swirls.


A brief summary of our protection service is detailed below:

  • Vehicle snowfoamed and detailing brushes used for hard to reach spots
  • Rinse, followed by our 2 bucket safe wash
  • Claybar treatment to remove any bonded contaminants
  • Paint cleansed using a DA polisher
  • 2 coats of sealant applied to the paintwork
  • Wax applied to wheel faces


Want longer lasting protection? We do offer upgrade packages with our Protection Detail service. We can apply a range of GTechniq products to the paintwork, as well as wheels, glass, plastics, fabrics and leather surfaces. Our protection detail services can be tailored depending on your budget and the level of protection required so please contact us to discuss your requirements.


This is a 1+ day service. Prices start from £120. If you have any questions about this service please contact us

Enhancement detail

Over the years most vehicles see lack of protection and incorrect wash techniques dull the finish of the paintwork. Our enhancement detail is a 2 day service that can improve the appearance of any vehicle.


Read more about our enhancement detail service 

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